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Did you know that money spent on electrical exam preparation classes is one of the best returns for your educational dollar?


A Journeyman Electrician license can usually earn a minimum of 20% more per hour at work  -  that’s around $4 or $5,000.00 more in your bank account while many other places are awarding 2 or 3% annual raises if at all.


You are in a dynamic field which requires a combination of hands-on and hands-on the-code book in order to be competitive.  The four hours of license renewal classes required by the TDLR to maintain your license is pitifully lacking as a meaningful advance of your educational needs.


A Journeyman Electrician elevating to Master Electrician level can not only earn a lot more for himself but can also become a jobs creator and improve the future of his growing family. A Master electrician starting and running his own business can earn as much money as he is willing to put his efforts in.


We offer an intensive 40 hour classroom exam preparation course that is spread out conveniently throughout four weeks span of time in order for the student to allow time for the lesson to sink in and become more meaningful.  The fee for the 40 hour class is $400.00 which amounts to $10.00 per hour.  Our classes are small  (not more than 6) and must be scheduled in order to guarantee a seat.  We also strive to hold an exam prep class each four to six weeks.





Also, ask us about how to get the 40 hour class at no cost.  Limited opportunities are also available for part-time paid interns who will work with a Professional Electrical Engineer in producing finished electrical project plans.





And finally, we are planning to conduct free Electrical Codes Forums at a local restaurant at least twice a year on a trial basis.  The goal of the forum is to meet with other people in our field – electricians, inspectors, CPS reps, engineers, etc to have open discussions on electrical topics that may require clarification.  The only expense to attend the 2 or 3 hour forum will be the price of your meal.

It is important to know if enough persons are interested in this idea and are willing to attend before arrangements are made. Let us know by text (210) 393-8193 or email -


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